What’s your favorite teaching app?

With mobile phones and iPads becoming more powerful and user-friendly, the “app” market has been flooded with thousands of software solutions that can be integrated to improve teaching and learning. Some of these apps help teachers organize and deal with classroom administration, some provide creative solutions to presenting information, and others are just fun! Faculty members Riki Thompson, Peter Selkin, Cumi Ikeda, & Jenny Quinn share their favorite apps. Panelists will demonstrate how apps may be used for different types of courses, including computer-based versions. Bring your ideas and share your knowledge as the panelists are also hoping to learn about new apps from others attending the forum.

Peter’s favorites

Google Earth – For illustrating geographic patterns.
To download the app


Evernote -for taking and managing notes.
For info about Evernote or to download the app for Mac


More info at Peter Selkin’s website

Jenny’s favorites


Applausometer– to gauge the sound level of the audience

Doceri – an iPad-based interactive whiteboard and screencast app

GoodReader for electronic grading.


Riki’s favorites


Word Press for blogging. Available and sync able across platforms: PC, Mac, iPad & iPhone apps

Canvas classroom learning management system and Speedgrader. These Canvas tools are most stable on computers still (using Firefox and Chrome browsers). Apps for iPhone and iPad available, but very buggy! Use them and send Canvas feedback so they fix problems!

Prezi – Zooming presentations is a non-linear alternative to PowerPoint.

Voice memos on iPhone for making audio comments
Zotero research and citation tool. Available as a web-based tool or an plug in for Word to use offline.
Remind101 text messages and email notification to phone and email listserv. Students sign up to get notifications.
Cumi’s favorites
Cumi's favorite teaching apps

Corkulous– for lesson planning or brainstorming in general

Attendance – for keeping track of attendance, participation, and other stuff as well

Keynote Remote – for giving presentations while using your iPhone or iPad as a remote and seeing your presentation notes on it

30/30 – for timing class activities

Bonnie’s favorite

Carbonite – Automatic online backup

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